Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Onlookers

I think it’s funny. One of the guys in an automated gun truck or ours was kicking it in his Humvee. I can’t explain much about the truck for security reasons. I’ll just mention that there’s a camera mounted on the gun in the turret. Well, I caught him misusing government property. It was plainly obvious and he didn’t care. He was using the camera to spy on the girls walking in and out of the PX! LOL! Oh my goodness. I asked him, “aren’t you afraid you’re gonna get caught?” He didn’t care. He said he’d been here so long nothing mattered anymore. I just can’t imagine the turret moving, following the girls, as they walk by the Hummer. He’s so desperate he’ll do just about anything now.

We were cleaning up and reorganizing the company supply this afternoon. I can’t believe how much stuff we have. The worst of it is that there was plenty of stuff we could’ve used that was just locked away. It’s been seven months over here already and we could’ve used some of the stuff. For instance, I could’ve used the stash of magazines they had. The ones I’ve been using haven’t been changed out forever and that’s bad. The spring loses its strength after being compressed for so long. So I acquired some more for myself. I’ll be sure to change out the magazines tomorrow. They had all kinds of stuff. There was also odd stuff like baseball gloves, board games, and dartboards. All brand new. There were also plenty of other supplies like pens, notepads, and other office supply stuff.

I heard that we are going to give the stuff we don’t need or want to the Iraqi Army. That’s good. I think it’s mostly stuff we’d throw away anyway. They’ll be happy to have it. The amount of stuff that we do have and don’t even use is amazing. Sure, it might come in handy in a different situation, if we weren’t on an established camp the way we are now. We might use the things like tents and stoves. I doubt any of the stuff is getting sent back to the states. It’ll either stay on a permanent base over here in Iraq or given to the Iraqi Army. It would cost too much to send the junk back home and it would just be a waste of money.

I just finished reading Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell by David Michaels. It was ok. I liked the sequel Operation Barracuda better. I’ve started reading Path of The Assassin by Brad Thor. I’ll post about it when I finish reading the book.


Blogger kbug said...

Hahaha, I love it that the poor guy was resorting to using the camera in the tank to watch girls. I, too, can picture the turret following along as they walk by...kind of a cartoon-like vision..... :)

6/23/2006 8:35 PM  
Blogger SGT. Pete Puebla said...

Yeah, desperate times call for desperate measures.

6/24/2006 12:09 AM  
Blogger kbug said...'re dyin' laughin'..... :)

6/24/2006 3:56 PM  
Blogger kbug said...

make that...I'm dyin' laughin' I'm laughin' so hard I can't even type..... :)

6/24/2006 3:57 PM  

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