Monday, June 19, 2006

The Heat is Killing Us!!!

I never thought it would make us wish we didn’t have to go outside, but it does. To top it off we have all this gear we have to wear. It just makes matters worse. It’s so intense. I’m sure it’s over 100° degrees by 1000 hours. I think the high today was 116°.

It does make it unbearable. We can’t get over it and we’re all looking forward to our next day off. Luckily we have enough teams to rotate everyone out so we could get a day off. Some of the fortunate guys in the platoon are given four-day passes. I was thinking of asking for one of those. I’m burning out too. They take a plane trip out of here to a nearby location. I can’t mention where they go but it’s nothing spectacular. There are places around here that I’d rather visit like Egypt or maybe even Turkey.

The picture above is of the Abu Ghraib Fire Department. Sometimes they'll come out before we leave the prison and salute us goodbye.


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