Thursday, April 06, 2006

That could’ve been

one of us in the picture. Luckily it wasn’t. It was a Hadji truck, the unlucky guy. Oh well. Maybe he should tell his buddies to stop planting IEDs. Then his truck won’t get blown up.

I wasn’t sure what it was this morning when we were on the road. I saw the smoke from the fire from miles away. I thought it might be a house. As we approached I noticed that it was on the roadway, burning. It was a sort of semi-truck used to haul stuff. Oh well, I guess that guy’s out of a truck now.

I heard we’re supposed to be getting a new high-speed Internet service in about two weeks. I was skeptical at first but I also heard that guys that already have it on their pads say that it’s really fast and reliable. So I guess that’s good news. The only bad news is that it’ll cost $60 a month. I guess it’s worth it when compared to the Internet service we’re paying for now. The owners of this business are going to make bank! I wish I had money to invest here.


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