Friday, March 31, 2006

We have a live band.

Well, not really. One of the guys, a really young dude, has an electric guitar. He’s a crazy young dude. He had a bike shipped over from home. I think it cost him as much to ship it as the bike actually costs. He’ll have to fork out the money to ship it home at the end of this tour, the same with his guitar.

He plays it every day and he does seem to be getting better at it. I’m glad about that. We could here him play that electric guitar from as far as 100 feet. It’s that loud. I’ve heard some say that they could hear him play in the internet trailer and I’ve even heard him from the MWR tent. He’s usually playing all kinds of chords and melodies. Just recently, I’ve heard him play some Nirvana from the early 90s. Like I said before, Pennis is getting better at it. That’s the nickname we’ve given him because of his actual name.

He’s pretty respectful about his music. Although it is loud he doesn’t play past 2200 hours and doesn’t play early in the morning. The other day I almost felt like going over to his room to tell him to turn it down but it wasn’t that loud. If it does get too loud I’ll have to go over there and tell him. He’s pretty good about it though.

I got stuck today. We had a little refresher training on administering IVs. I should’ve given an IV myself but I offered to get stuck instead. I need some practice on getting those veins. I used to get nervous when I first began but now I remain pretty calm. So I got stuck and I took two bags of saline. Some of the guys say that I was dehydrated but I don’t buy that. I’ve been drinking lots and lots of water. I’m getting ready for the summer. I’m ready to take on the heat.


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