Friday, March 24, 2006

They love soccer here.

It’s like the Iraqi national pastime. People love it here and I think it’s starting to rub off on the Joes here as well. I was a little tempted to check out the soccer field when I noticed the guys on the field.

I didn’t have any motivation to lift any weights today. I just did some cardio and abdominal workouts. Walking back to the trailer is when I noticed the lights on the field. The guys were running up and down the field, chasing the ball. It looked like fun, better than what I was doing inside the gym.

The thought has been coming to my mind like a dream, playing soccer. I never play but I find pleasure in doing it. I might have to see what nights they play and start attending some games. Maybe I could join a league or team and play on a regular basis. I’ll just have to find the time in the evening when I could. The only things I have to worry about are the early missions in the mornings. It would be something fun to do.


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