Sunday, March 19, 2006

Which one would you rather have?

A leader that doesn’t seem to care about you, that doesn’t seem like he knows anything, and has a negative attitude. Or would you have a leader that seems to care about you, knows what he is talking about, and has a positive attitude.

I wish I could choose because if I could I would’ve chosen the latter one. There’s more good stuff to learn from him then the one that doesn’t seem to care. That’s the dilemma that I’m in right now. I’ll just have to work with it the best that I can. It’s good to know that I could still talk to the guy that I respect the most. I’d follow him anywhere. That’s the thing about a leader. If you gain their respect and trust as a leader your men will follow you anywhere.

It’s time for me to get working. The Army has a motto for NCOs. It’s Be, Know, Do. I have to start working on that more to show that I’m competent, professional, and capable of being a leader. I’ll pray to God to give me strength to build qualities and help me make the right decisions.


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