Monday, March 13, 2006

I’m coming to find out that we are the platoon that does the most.

Well, almost. We’re tied with another platoon that does as much as we do. I complain about it sometimes but then think it’s better then doing nothing and sitting around at the camp all day. The only problem with it is that we’re given more responsibility. I still have to learn how to manage my time. I find myself having fun before work. It should be the other way around. It’s not an easy job, being a gunner. When the mission is over I have to make sure that my weapon is clean so that if functions. I also have to make sure my ammo is clean too.

Which makes me come to this point. I got chewed out about having dirty ammo today. I guess it’s something I could’ve prevented. The thing is I didn’t see a problem. It’s mainly because of one round that had some corrosion. I knew that it would fire. Too bad I couldn’t test it out to prove my point. I wish I could’ve. I was ready to place some bets and put my faith in that bullet. Oh well, I don’t get to prove my point. So, I’m going to discard that round and go with the rest of the ammo that I’ve got. It’s no big deal. The only other problem is that my weapon doesn’t chamber a round correctly. It has a problem loading rounds from the magazine. I guess I should bring it up to the armorer but it doesn’t make that much of a difference. I have an M4 that I’ll be using as soon as I qualify on it.

Sniper came back from emergency leave. He’s been home for a couple of weeks. He’s just here to get pick up his things. He’ll be going back home. He’s coming off the mission. It’s sad to see him go but I’m with him, family comes first. He’ll be missed and his team won’t be the same and neither will the platoon.


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