Friday, March 03, 2006

It’s supposed to be a day off.

It never ends up that way. It doesn’t surprise me though. Sure, our leadership says, tomorrow we’re getting the day off. Yeah, right, sure, is what I think. I know it’s never a day off. Last night we were told that we were going to get the truck cleaned out and our ammo turned in at 1000 hours. Well, our truck was already cleaned out and we had no issues with our ammo. So what should we have to wake up and get dressed for? If it’s going to be a day off then I think they should leave us alone and give us the day off.

Well, sure enough the Lieutenant comes over and tells us that we have to get our Humvee over to the motor section to get some stuff upgraded on it. Oh well for our day off. My driver and I turned our Humvee into motors, which took a couple of hours. We ended up having a late lunch. Afterwards I had to get my M-4. I’ll be getting rid of my M-16 pretty soon for this shorter and newer version of the M-16. I like it a lot, mainly because it’s lighter then the M-16 and because it’s shorter as well. It has some features and modifications that make it better then the M-16. It’s perfect for the type of weapon for what we do.

I think I’ve figured out how to go about posting photos online. I set up my digital camera to save photos at a lower resolution. It makes it a lot easier for me to upload and post photos to the site. So, I’m sure to be posting a lot more photos in the future from now on.

The photos to the left are from the Balad area. This is an area north of Baghdad. This area of Iraq lush with farmland.


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