Sunday, February 26, 2006

They’re putting me back to work.

I’m getting right back into the mix of things. I had problems adjusting yesterday but now I’m starting to do just fine. It was almost like taking baby steps all over again but this time it didn’t take as long. A few things have changed since I’ve left, but not much. It seems like a lot has happened since I’ve left. There’s a curfew in effect so I’ve seen much less traffic. That’s a good thing. I like it when the roads are empty. I wish they could put a curfew on for the rest of my tour here.

Some of the kids have started throwing rocks. They’re mainly the older kids, not the little kids we throw candy to. They also flip us off as well. Oh well, no candy for them then. I wonder if they’ll begin to wonder why they aren’t getting any treats. Hopefully they’ll figure it out. That little village of theirs is a future hotspot for insurgents. I’m sure they’ll grow up to be future combatants.

The weather here is warmer then when I left. When I left here it was cold and wet, now it’s warm and dry. At least the mud had all dried up. It did begin to sprinkle a little this evening and the weather cooled down just a little bit. It’s getting about as hot as Phoenix now. It was colder and wetter than Phoenix was. When I left Phoenix it hadn’t rained there in like 125 days, a new record. It’s been October since the last time it rained in Phoenix. I don’t mind the dry weather here but the problem here is the dirt is almost like dust around here. I could easily see how there could be so many dust storms.


Anonymous zohguy_saiyajin said...

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2/27/2006 2:59 PM  

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