Friday, February 03, 2006

Well the time has come.

The big surprise is here. I’m going on leave starting tomorrow. I can’t say for how long or where I’m going. I didn’t request leave this early in my deployment. You could just say that it was given to me and I had to take it. So, I may or may not be posting on this blog until I come back. I’ll have to see how things go. I’d like to take the time to enjoy my vacation. The good thing about leaving this early is that I could buy the stuff I want that I can’t get over here. Well, not without shipping it anyways.

Maybe it’s good that I’m leaving so soon. I think this is the perfect time to leave. The weather seems real gloomy and I think it may be their rainy season here. It’s been raining on and off for days, weeks almost. At least I’ll be getting away from the rain for a while. It never rains like this in Phoenix. Maybe that’s why Phoenix is dryer than it is here. Anyways, here I go, on another adventure. Then soon, real soon, I’ll be back to Iraq to finish this one.

As far as the book I was reading, Rainbow Six, I’m about 2/3rds of the way through. I’ve loved it a lot so far. I’m so intrigued by the events in the story, one right after another. I’m at the part in the book where the PIRA have taken over the hospital in Hereford and have held hostage Dr. Chavez and Nurse Clark. I can’t wait to see what Rainbow Six does next. It’s not the only thing that’s going on in the story and all the past terrorists events are tied to something big that’s supposed to be coming up.

So here I go, from one adventure to another. At least back home I won’t have to worry about getting hit by IEDs. I’ll be thinking about the guys while I’m gone and I hope to see them all when I return. I hope they all do ok and that we all come home at the end of this mission. This is Sergeant Puebla signing off for now. ROUGHNECK GOLF OUT.


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