Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I’m going to the gym without a Battle-Buddy.

I don’t care. If I get caught, oh well. I need to get some exercise. I’ve seen lots of guys walking around all by themselves. I’ve been eating and eating but I haven’t been exercising. I’ve started to cut down on my eating but I can’t help eating all this junk food. It’s looking at me every day, saying eat me! Eat me! I have to get rid of all these chocolates. And the cookies, I don’t know what I’m going to do about them. The candy is an easy fix. I could just throw those out to the kids that we see every day. If I don’t give them candy they’ll just end up flipping me the bird. Those are the kids I don’t give candy to.

Well, it’s time to go. I have to get some exercise done. I’ll try to get some exercise in tomorrow as well. I’m going to have to make some sort of routine to get it done. I also have to stop eating sweets too, especially at the mess hall. I’ve been getting an ice cream bar every time I eat there and I have to stop that. I have to start exercising self discipline and control. Once I start exercising that’ll help me out.

Well, I was going to go to the gym. That plan didn’t happen. The squad leader for ‘Sexual Chocolate’ asked me if I could do him a favor. Damn, I’ve already been asked to do a favor by someone else today. Sniper was trying to find someone to go with him to DHL. It’s on another FOB. We’re not allow to drive anywhere by ourselves in the Hummers. Sniper went asking around to try and find someone to go with him. He asked me if I could do him a favor. I was getting ready to take a little nap in-between missions. This is the way I see it and maybe I’m too hard on myself. I figure that along with being an NCO is taking care of troops. I’m a true believer in that philosophy. The troops come first. So I went ahead and went with him to DHL. He was so thankful and said that he owed me.

The Sexual Chocolate SL asked me tonight if I could do him a favor for one of his Joes. I guess the guy has duties in the internet trailer but he had an early mission tomorrow. So, he asked if I would do him a favor and cover for his Joe. I thought about it but not too hard. I knew that I’d be helping him get some much needed rest for his mission tomorrow. I knew that I wouldn’t need the rest so I told him that I’d cover for his shift. The only thing I’m missing out on is going to the gym like I planned. I was already dressed in my PT uniform. I was all set to do some PT. I had to get undressed and get dressed in my DCUs again. Well, at least it’s appreciated and I hope they remember the favor. Now I’m going to be covering the internet trailer until midnight.


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