Thursday, February 02, 2006

This is the way it works with the new Active Duty unit that came in.

When we first got here everything was pretty peaceful. The unit that was already here, a National Guard unit, welcomed us right it. It helped being from a neighboring state. Everything was great. They invited us to use the MWR tent, which had exercise equipment, a big screen satellite television, and computers with internet access. There was also another big screen television for video games as well. The tent had all the entertainment we would need in the field.

Well, this new active duty unit got here and what do you know? Things were going to change. Maybe it was because of the stigma that the National Guard has. The way I see it is if the Regular Army doesn’t want us, then that’s fine with me. They could ship the 60% of the Reserve and Guard units that are in Iraq and send us all home. Then the Regular Army could go ahead and finish fighting this war. So a note to the Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States, the Active Duty Army doesn’t need our services so you could go ahead and send all of the Reservist and National Guardsmen home.

The point I’m trying to make is that this Active Duty unit just came in here and I’ve heard that they’ve said that we’re not doing our jobs right. They had just got here!!! How would they know how we’re doing our jobs? As far as I see it, no one has died yet. That’s a good thing!!! Sure we’ve had our mishaps but that’s normal. So, in that case they have restricted our unit from using the exercise equipment in the facility. They’ve also said that the internet access is a privilege for us to use. They’ve come into our pad and assumed ownership of the MWR tent. I’m sure pretty soon we’ll be outright banned from entering the tent. For that reason, they feel it is theirs and we are privileged to use anything inside.

They seem like little selfish children that don’t want to share their toys. I can’t believe that we would have these problems when we are all on the same team. What gives with these people??? It sure is creating a lot of anmonisity in the company against this new unit. I know that there are a lot of guys in my platoon and probably the company as well that already have a bad impression of this new unit. I’m starting to wish things were the way they were before. It was a lot better then. Too bad that unit wasn’t staying until we left. I miss them already. Thanks for being there New Mexico National Guard. You guys will surely be missed.


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