Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dallas USO has done it again.

When I arrived in Dallas the other day I was greeted to the warm welcome of the Dallas USO volunteers. They gave us all a warm welcome. The provided us with phones to call home, food to eat, and entertainment to watch. There was a place to stay and get some rest, free wireless Internet provided by T-Mobile Hotspot, and friendly smiling people.

The guys were watching Pirates of the Caribbean on a big screen TV. I was watching the Winter Olympics and news on the television at the bar. They have a family room for families that are traveling with children, a library, private computer booths, and a rest area. I also found out that they have another a television set up with and X-Box and PS2. Most of the guys were lounging around the television, checking out the movies or getting some food.

I had some coffee and some other snacks. Later when we were checking in our baggage they were providing a table full of goodies and they had singers singing to us while we waited in line.

The people in the Dallas Airport were great. I heard stories of people buying guys lunch in the airport restaurants. I was getting thanked for my service over and over again. They were all really nice and they give Texans a good impression. The really welcomed us all and hoped and prayed for us to make it back home soon.


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