Monday, February 27, 2006

I got a few things that I desperately needed on leave,

like an MP3 player and a digital camera. I’ve been taking pictures with my camera left and right. The only problem is for some reason I’m having problems uploading the photos to my website. The Fubi (Hadji) Internet that works wirelessly around here isn’t working for some reason. That’s the internet service that costs $10 for 5 hours of use. The good thing is that it’s wireless. The bad thing is that it doesn’t work that great in my room anymore since they’ve moved the antenna.

The other internet option is the free internet that is provided in the internet trailer. It’s alright but it’s not that fast. It’s slow and I’d rather use my own computer instead. I usually type up my posts and e-mails offline and then post and send when I hook up my laptop on the Fubi Internet. I can’t do that with the free internet. There is a company that is starting to lay the groundwork for internet service in our trailers. I’m going to get hooked up as soon it’s available on my Pad. Some of the guys have bought satellites to access the internet but I hear that they’re having some problems getting the systems set up.
I had a good time on leave. The days seemed to drag by but that’s not a bad thing. I’m hoping the days fly by while I finish my tour here in Iraq. Well, I’ll try to post some photos if I can but I don’t know if the problem is with the internet service here or the host computer that I’m uploading the photos to. I don’t think I’d have this problem at home so I believe that it’s this slow internet service that we have here.


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