Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What can I say about today?

We didn’t see too much. Well, I really can’t say that. It’s just that not much happens when we go to the IZ. It’s a pretty controlled area and it’s generally safe compared to the other parts of Baghdad. It’s pretty amazing how it’s controlled compared to other parts of the city. The thing I like about it is that there’s less traffic and I don’t have to worry about walking down the street. Sure there have been incidents there on occasion but it rarely ever happens. I don’t see how anything could happen there anyway; security is pretty tight.

I like going to the IZ. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because it’s the center of the city. There are things to do there but I find more stuff to do back home or in another western city. It’s a lot different from being at home.

A lot of the guys are starting to renew their relationship with God. It’s weird but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I find myself doing the same thing. Sure I don’t want anything to happen to me but that’s only because I want to get back home to raise my boys. They need a Father and I’ve learned so much that I could pass on to them. I feel the same way toward the other guys here too. I pray that we all go back home after the mission. That would be so great to have everyone go back home and move on with their lives.

I was talking with an IP, having a conversation on the political situation. It concerns me mainly because I’d like to see us finish this mission here. We spoke of the Shiite and Sunni Muslims. I got the impression that he as Shiite from talking to him. He’s glad to see the Americans there and he didn’t have much admiration for the Sunnis. I told him I couldn’t understand why they can’t get along. I told him that there are all sorts of different religions in America and we all get along. We’re not having gun battles over religion. It ridiculous. He told me that he’s lost some of his friends and that his patience is wearing out. I could understand where he’s coming from. I only have the best of hope for the future.


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