Saturday, March 04, 2006

The weather was absolutely wonderful.

Today has to be without a doubt the nicest day we’ve had since we’ve been here. It was so nice I had to open the door to my trailer to enjoy the weather. There’s a slight breeze, the sky is clear, and it’s not hot or cold. It’s a wonderful day to be outside. I wish all the days were like this. I’m trying to enjoy this while it lasts. We all know the hot weather is coming. We’re all starting to dread the summer and think about ways to stay cool.

We didn’t have any missions today so I was pretty happy about that. So we took the opportunity to go to the range to fire our M2s. We went down the road a little ways to an Iraqi Army base that isn’t too far from where the camp is. It’s the first time I’ve been on an Iraqi Army base myself. It’s nothing special, not much to see. It was a lot dirtier and looked more typical of Iraq then our camp does. When I’m on our camp I feel like I’m back home for some reason. I don’t know why that is. Maybe it’s because the camp is clean, people drive in order, and there are Americans everywhere.

We found a few problems with our .50cals on the range. I’d rather have issues now and find out what they are before the time comes to use our weapons for real. I’m very surprised that we haven’t test fired our weapons before. We’ve been here since December and this was the first time I’ve fired my .50cal. What a shame. I had some issues with the timing on my weapon myself. The timing is the rate of fire that the weapon fires. So I adjusted that a little to make it fire a little faster then it was firing before.


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