Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

And what a lucky day it was. This morning the Lieutenant and I went on a little run. Well, I guess it was about 2.5 miles. It wasn’t bad. It was around the lake of Saddam’s old Palace compound. It wasn’t a bad run and I really enjoyed it. I could tell the Lieutenant enjoyed it as well. He kept commenting on how good he felt and how his metabolism would go up before breakfast. I guess I was looking at it the same way. I like to run and I’m glad that I’m starting to exercise a little bit more. Last time we ran it was in the late morning and it was already getting warm. I joked to the LT that we should run at that same time during June or July and see how it feels.

I didn’t know but there was a little lottery giveaway at Abu Ghraib in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. So when we got to the prison we rushed to get our lottery tickets. Everyone grabbed three tickets for each person for three separate lotteries. The prizes were donated from AAFES and other private vendors that manufacture military gear. Chief Bronson was the one who organized the whole event.

I just happened to get lucky and win on all three lotteries. I was almost the one to win the most times. Sergeant Shoe won all three lotteries plus an extra drawing they had for knives.

So I ended up winning a bandanna, a helmet insert to keep me cool, a weapon sight, a Spec-Ops cargo/ammo pouch, and a pistol leash. I ended up giving my pistol leash and ammo/cargo pouch away to guys that needed them more than I did. I kept the rest of the stuff. It was fun and lots of the guys were anxious to win prizes.

Pictures above are of the Abu Ghraib Fire Department.


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