Saturday, March 18, 2006

The problems with our procedures.

The problem with our procedures is that they keep on changing. One day it’s one thing then another day it’s something else. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say that. It all depends on who is in charge. When I got back from R&R I noticed a few changes. I was ok with them and it didn’t bother me. The thing is, once The Colonel got back, things changed back to the way they were.

I’m not tired of it yet but I hate having to explain reason for my actions. He’s back now from R&R. When I do something that usually isn’t procedure it seems like the squad comes down on me.

He’ll get on me about one thing but doesn’t get on the other squad members about the same thing. I’ve brought it up before but I don’t see any action from him. I think if he’s going to set rules they should be fair across the board.

Tonight a few other Joes and me went to see a USO show. I’m glad I went. It was pretty funny. It was starring Kathy Griffin, Michael McDonald, and some other actress that used to star in the television show Jag. They were pretty good. They did a lot of stand up and they had us laughing for hours. I’m glad they came and it looks like Kathy Griffin does this a lot. I’m glad the USO is able to put something like this together for all of us.


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