Monday, March 20, 2006

There’s not much to say.

Had the day off. I took advantage of that to get a haircut, workout, and clean my .50 cal. I’m starting to feel better because I’m beginning to stick to a diet. Between that and exercising it’s helping me feel pretty good. I think I’ve been sleeping better too. I have some of it to thank to the influences of guys like Staff Sergeant and the Lieutenant. He got me off the sugared drinks like Gatorade and now I’m drinking more water. He also got me running more because he’s always looking for a running partner. We’ve been making trips around the lake here. I heard it’s about a three-mile run.

Staff Sergeant has been helping me with my eating habits, mainly because I feel ashamed to eat junk food. So I’ve been sticking to food that is healthier and easier to digest. Now I just have to cut out the sweets. I’m doing what the LT advised; eat sweets at lunchtime and not dinnertime.

I’ve also been working on my appearance, making sure my uniform looks sharp and that I’m well groomed. If I’m going to be a Sergeant I have to be at least presentable. I’ve also started working on my room. I’ve gotten rid of all those bad influences that I had from my old roommate. He was messy and that rubbed off on me. Now that I’m in a room with another Sergeant I have to make sure that we look respectable. The only thing is that on his side of the room he has magazine cutouts of revealing women posted all over the wall like wallpaper. Staff Sergeant has told me that it’s against Army policy and I’ll probably bring it up with him when he arrives from leave.


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