Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No IEDs yet.

Although I do see more and more spots where explosions have occurred on the road. It seems like there’s a lot more of those blacked out spots with little craters in the road. As long as they don’t hit us I’m happy. I haven’t seen that much of a gun fight and I’m sure that we would kick but anyway. I’m just waiting for that next IED because I know that the insurgents are putting them out there. I just hope we’re not the lucky ones.

Supposedly they’re setting up internet towers all over our camp. I haven’t heard anything about internet service as of yet. The internet service I’m using right now is really slow and I get disconnected from the wireless connection all the time. It’s definitely not worth the $10 per 5 hours I’m paying for service. I think we’re all getting ripped off around here.


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