Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It’s been a long and exhausting day.

The company commander rode with us today. He’s very detail oriented and we have to make sure that we look sharp in every way. It was a long day because it is now 2036 hours and I barely got back to my trailer. My day started at 0630 this morning when I woke up this morning. So, I’d say that it makes for a long day.

So, now I think I may be getting into trouble. It’s nothing serious. We’re not allowed to put any gear on top of our vehicles. If we do we automatically get written up. Doc was riding with us today in place of T-Rex who is on extra duty. Well, while I was loading my gun Doc threw my body armor on top of the vehicle. The Captain saw that it was up there and told The Colonel about it. So The Colonel walks up to the vehicle and calls my name, “Sergeant Puebla!” I responded and he asked if that was my IBA on top of the vehicle. I told him that it was and he told me about leaving it up on top of the vehicle.

The reason the Captain doesn’t allow us to leave any equipment is because stuff kept getting left up there. Joes were losing weapons and equipment when they left it on top of the vehicles. So the commander finally got fed up with it and made it so anyone who leaves their weapons or equipment on top of vehicles will automatically get written up and counseled.

Later The Colonel told me that they were talking about writing me up. “For what?” I asked. They wanted to write me up for putting my body armor on top of the Humvee. “Well, I didn’t put it up there. Doc did.” I haven’t put any of my weapons or equipment on top of the roof since they said that we’re not allowed to.

So, I told The Colonel if they want to write me up that’s fine. It’s not going to do any good though because it doesn’t solve the problem. I wasn’t the one that did it and everyone knows. Doc will never learn if he doesn’t get approached about the problem. So this may happen again if they don’t go to the problem. I’m not worried about it. I told Doc about it and he knew that he wasn’t supposed to put any equipment on top of the vehicle.


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