Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's getting hot in here!

It was around 97 degrees today although it didn’t feel too much like it. I’m used to this heat anyway. I’m pretty sure it’s the same temperature in Phoenix right now.

I finished my CLS (Combat Lifesaver) re-certification today. The last thing I had to do was administer an IV and get stuck myself. It wasn’t too bad. I got a vein on my first stick. Actually, we all did. We have to re-certify every six months to a year. The last time I certified was last May back in Arizona so it’s been almost a year now.

I had a chance to go to the ‘Blackhawk Store’ today. It’s just a bunch of little Hadji shops that mainly sell DVDs on another camp. It’s only open on Saturdays. I was planning on buying some pirated DVDs but I found out they’re cheaper in the IZ. Last week I bought seasons 1-4 of Smallville for like $20!!! I plan on getting all the episodes of The Soprano’s next.

Gay photo isn't it? I took it by surprise while in my CLS course. I thought it was a Kodak moment and I had to capture it.


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