Monday, April 10, 2006

Ghost Town. It’s weird when there’s a full combat gear exercise on the camp. Everything is closed. The gym is closed, the PX is closed, everything. During this exercise we have to wear full combat gear wherever we go. The dining area in the chow hall is closed so we’re only allowed to get take out.

The reason I say it’s weird is because the place seems deserted. It’s like the place is a ghost town. I went outside to walk to the gym, which I found was closed, and noticed that hardly anyone was out. I don’t know why really. My roommate mentioned that he wasn’t going to go anywhere. I guess everyone else felt the same way. Why bother? What’s there to do if your stuck on the camp and everything is closed? You have to suit up if you want to go anywhere and doing that is a hassle in itself. Another thing, I don’t think anyone like wearing all that body armor, especially when it’s not needed.


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