Sunday, April 09, 2006

I sliced my finger last night and now I could barely type. The Benchmade knife they issued me is sharp and really works. I was trying to open a package last night. I was using my knife to open the plastic packaging when it slipped from the edge of the package. My hand slipped and the knife stabbed my left index finger. The knife went right in and made a sharp cut. Blood started gushing out immediately. “Ouch!” I screamed! I immediately dropped the knife and went to look for something to stop the blood. It was running out and I had to stop it fast before I made a mess everywhere. I opened up my wall locker and was about to go for my CLS bag when I noticed my t-shirts on a shelf. I just grabbed the top shirt and wrapped it around my finger, holding it with pressure. I held my hand up in the hopes that it might stop the bleeding.

My second thought was to see Doc. I knew this was more than a minor cut. I had to have him look at it. So I ran out my door, leaving it open, and ran over to his room. I didn’t even knock on the door when I got there. I knew he was awake when I heard the noise of Joes playing video games. “Doc I got cut!” “How did you do that?” “I was opening a package with my knife,” I said. He wanted to check it out there on the spot. “If I take this shirt off blood is going to run everywhere.” “Let’s go to the latrine.”

We went over to the sink in the latrine to observe the cut. The bleeding had stopped when he unwrapped the shirt. I felt a throbbing pain in my finger. It still hurt. The cut didn’t look too bad. “Will I need stitches?” “No, you shouldn’t need any.” He cleaned it up before he put some alcohol on it. Boy did the alcohol burn. It caused some pain but it wasn’t as bad as the throbbing pain that was pulsating from my finger.

He wrapped it up and told me to keep it dry. I took some aspirin to help numb the pain. My finger has felt numb all day today and I’m starting to wonder if I cut a nerve. I hope it heals quickly.


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