Friday, April 14, 2006

Met Stew.

SGT Stew stopped by today while I was in the motor pool. It was kind of a surprise. I had heard that he had been seen around here on the camp. I wasn’t sure where he was located. I should’ve e-mailed him earlier to find out where he was. It was really cool seeing him and different at the same time. It was different because he was in a different uniform, ACUs. He’s doing alright. I invited him along to ride if he ever wanted to go on some missions with us. They may be dangerous but I’m pretty sure it’ll give him a chance to go to places he hasn’t been before.

I had to go to the range today to qualify on my M-4 carbine. It’s about time. I missed qualifying at the range last time because I was on leave. It took me a while to get my weapon zeroed. I had a little bit of a problem adjusting from an M-16 to the repositioning of the trigger on the M-4. I worked a little on my fundamentals while zeroing and finally starting getting tighter shot groups.

Once I had my shot groups down and I was zeroed, I was ready to qualify. I shot a 37 out of 40. Not too bad. I needed a 26 out of 40 to qualify. I qualified as a sharpshooter. One more shot and I would’ve qualified as an expert. That would’ve been good for promotion points but I’m not up for promotion anyway. Not yet. I was close but not close enough. It might have been the rocks that were jamming into my elbows. Or maybe it was the heat that threw me off. I wish I had taken my elbow pads with me. I can’t believe I forgot them.I also had a chance to shoot a vintage Sterling Sub-Machine Gun, an H&K MP-5, and an AK-47 just for kicks. It was cool shooting the MP-5 and Sterling. I had lots of fun doing it. The AK-47 had a kick and was cool too.
One last thing. Today's Good Friday and we can't forget the crucifixion of Jesus. He died for our sins so that we may all be saved.


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