Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gunfire and Smoke

Let’s see, drove by a gunfight but that’s not all. We also came close to a motor impact. This afternoon we were driving in Baghdad when I began to hear some gunshots. They were very distinctive. At first I heard one and thought it was nothing. We were still driving down the road when I heard more and more. Oh boy, those are real. There is gunfire. I didn’t know where it was coming from though. It hard to tell what direction the fire is coming from sometimes.We came on the scene pretty quick. It happens when we’re driving pretty fast. There it was on the right, the gunfire. There were not troops but like guys in civilian clothing and tactical gear. I wasn’t sure whether they were contracted security or not. That’s the problem with contracted security out here. They don’t wear any type of uniform, more like an elite Special Forces unit. They were in the grass, approaching the location of the gunfire.

We couldn’t do anything to help but drive by. It sucked. I wanted to join the fight but I knew it wasn’t part of our mission. We had VIPs with us and it was not our mission to get involved. It reminded me of the movie The Terminator. His sole mission was to protect and save John Connor regardless of what happens. I felt like the Terminator. There it was and we couldn’t help out because it’s not part of our mission. I’m sure we may have joined the fight if it were American troops on the other hand. We always protect each other.One final event happened tonight. It was right after sundown and we were getting ready to head back out. We were right inside the wall when we heard a loud BOOM!!! The guys asked, “What was that???” It didn’t take me too hard to guess what it was. It was so loud it sounded like an Artillery impact but it was more of a Mortar impact. When we went past the gate, outside the wire, there was the smoke. It started rising from 400 meters away. Close, but no dice. The pictures are posted here.


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