Saturday, April 22, 2006

Barbeque Time

The whole company had the day off today. It was a day for us to all gather together and socialize. We had a barbeque today. I didn’t enjoy the barbeque too much. I don’t know what it was. I guess I just didn’t feel like socializing. It didn’t feel like it was any fun. They had all kinds of food, mainly burgers and hot dogs. I ended up eating a hamburger with chips and a soda. The only thing missing was the beer.

Some of the guys brought a football and began to play catch. There really isn’t anywhere around here to play football though. There’s no grass. Our trailers are surrounded by gravel and where there’s no gravel, there’s dirt.

After I ate and stood around a while talking to the guys I started to make my way back to my trailer. I noticed that some of the guys were on the volleyball court. I wasn’t wearing my PT uniform or a t-shirt and shorts. I figured I’d play in my uniform, what the heck. I played volleyballs for a couple of hours. We all had fun. I had a good time playing. I didn’t do too badly. I scored a couple of points and had a few assists. I was far from the worse guy playing out there today. That was Sergeant Sting.


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