Saturday, January 14, 2006

I have to clean my .50 cal ammo.

It’s starting to build rust and dirt. I had to get it cleaned up. In fact, when I pulled the ammo out of the can, the bottom was covered in rust. Great. Good thing I decided to get it out to clean. It’s bad. I can’t imagine it going through the .50cal and getting all messed up.

I’m starting to hate these Air Force dudes. There are some that live a few trailers away. The reason I don’t like them is because they seem to get away with everything. T-Rex was telling me that they have one person to a room. Must be nice. Also, they get front row parking in the parking lot. What’s up with that? Another thing, every time I see them they’re just hanging outside, kicking it. It must be nice. Why should they get front row parking? I wonder what other perks they’re getting. I guess I should stop complaining. If I don’t like it I should transfer over to the Air Force. I couldn’t do that though. I have too much pride in the Army. It’s been part of my life.
Sure us Army folk have our differences over how the National Guard isn’t good enough for the Regular Army. And we’re always comparing ourselves to our other Army components. One component is always trying to be better than the other. But when it comes to another branch such as the Navy or Air Force we stick together. The Army is always the better then the rest. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Guard or Reserve because then we’re all Army.


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