Friday, January 13, 2006

It’s Friday the 13th.

Oh, standby, we have fog. Yes, for some reason, it’s too dangerous to be on the road when there’s fog. It’s not dangerous to be out in the rain when the roads are all wet. The rain will pour down and that won’t stop us. Oh no. That’s ok. We could always operate in the rain, no matter how bad it is. But when it comes to the fog, forget it. I can’t see any problem with the fog. It’s like having natural smoke for concealment. How’s anyone supposed to see us when we’re operating in the fog? It’s a good thing. It’s almost like the rain. Who wants to be out there in the rain besides us? Not like we like the rain but since when has it stopped the ARMY.

It’s been foggy in the morning lately, especially in the fields. And the puddles make it look like it just rained yesterday. It’s hasn’t rained for like two days. You wouldn’t be able to tell if you just got here. You would think that it rained just last night. Well, because of the fog, we had to wait for like three hours to burn it up. Actually, we didn’t have to wait for that long for the sun to burn it up. It was already clear outside and we still didn’t get clearance to leave the fog. The sky was blue, the sun was out, and there was no fog anywhere.

I’m glad I took a book with me. I made the decision to get to bring a book along since the other day when we were out, hanging around for a while. There was nothing else to do. T-Rex had wished that he brought along his PSP. I wish I had brought a book. So, today I had no problem waiting around. I just got into my book, Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy. It’s pretty good so far and it’s about a counter-terrorism team. Perfect. There’s nothing better to get me in the mood than reading about a special ops units fighting terrorism. It gets me all pumped up to go out there and do some missions. I start feeling like I’m a high speed operative out on a recon mission. Got my shades, my mic and earpiece, my gear. I’m all set for our special op.


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