Saturday, January 07, 2006

Got Soaked Today.

Really soaked. It’s the first time it’s rained since I’ve been here. It’s been pretty dry up until now. It all began this morning. It wasn’t too bad. When T-Rex and me left the trailer for the day we noticed that all the gravel outside was wet but it wasn’t raining. I guess it rained early in the morning. It was cloudy all day. During the afternoon, while we were out on mission, the rain started to come down hard. I guess the dirt doesn’t like the rain here. It doesn’t go anywhere but up. There were puddles everywhere. And the mud, that’s another story. For some reason the mud gets sticky. It sticks everywhere, to my boots, my uniform, and the Humvee.

I had to mentally prepare myself to get soaked this evening. I knew that I would get dirty and wet but not cold. It got worse when I was up in the turret. The rain felt like pebbles hitting my face. It was getting so bad it hurt! I had to turn my head away just so I wouldn’t get hit in the face. For sure there were no kids to be seen today. I wouldn’t be out in this weather if I had the chance. Again, I didn’t come prepared. I knew I should’ve got my wet weather gear before I left. I didn’t expect it to rain this bad though. This is what I get for not getting it.

Then there’s my driver. He likes to hit every wash he could see. I guess he wanted to see how many splashes he could make with the Humvee. He hit a really good one that made the water go right up over the windshield and hit me in the turret. Great! Good thing I’m already wet. Oh, and another thing, I can’t see shit with my goggles on when it rains. I had to take those things off.

These are some older pictures that I took from my film camera. I finally got the film developed. I know, it's about time. I'll be getting a digital camera pretty soon.

This is a picture of some crazy looking water towers from the outskirts of Kuwait city. You could see them on the left side. They color striped blue and white. I didn't know what they were at first. They're all over Kuwait City.

There are no rest stops in Kuwait so we had to make due for the tree-line.


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