Monday, January 02, 2006

Apparently we got shot at today,

although no one heard or saw any gunfire. It doesn’t help with the earplugs in our ears and the loud sounds of a Humvee. We got to our destination when we were later told to check our vehicles out for any bullet holes. SUPPOSEDLY it happened on our way to Point B (an undisclosed location).

One of the vehicles that was with us, an SUV, had bullet holes in it. The passengers said that it must have happened on the way over to Point B. Scary when I think about it but I’m not totally sure if it happened or not. The incident still got reported. For some reason they didn’t hear anything in the SUV. I figured they’d at least hear something hitting them. I guess those armored SUVs are both bullet proof and sound proof. NICE!

The ARMY doesn’t have such things as accidental discharges. They’re no longer called accidental discharges. They’re now called negligent discharges. I didn’t like the idea at first because I always thought that accidents happen. I didn’t think it was because of carelessness. What’s next, negligent vehicle collisions? Boy was I wrong. Well I guess I could see the point now, after witnessing two negligent discharges, a scary thought. I wasn’t so worried about the Joes before, but I’m paranoid now. I don’t even trust myself, which I find a good thing. I’m constantly checking my pistol to see if I’ve forgot to discharge a magazine or clear my weapon. I found a solider the other day with a loaded weapon on the FOB! Now, I don’t like it as much when a Joe’s weapon flags me. Flagging is what happens when the barrel of someone else’s weapon points at another Joe. Boy, I better start watching out. I’ve heard some horror stories about Joes and the negligent discharge.


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