Thursday, December 29, 2005

Alright, I’m filthy dirty.

That’s the way I come home every day. I refused to take a box of wipes from T-Rex the other day but now I’m finding out that they’re coming in handy. I come home every night and wipe my face just to find the wipes covered in dirt. Nasty! Can you believe that I go to chow like this? At least I look like I’m doing something everyday compared to those other Joes in the mess hall who look like they’ve just got out of the shower. And I was thinking of getting my clothes pressed. What was I thinking? Forget it Pete, you don’t need to, for what? It’s just going to get dirty.

I was a little worried when we left the gate today. It’s mainly because I thought my bolt on my .50cal was set to right-handed feed. We had our bolts checked earlier for serviceability and status. When I put mine back together I didn’t bother to check what side the bolt was set to. I didn’t expect too check since I didn’t change anything. See, the .50cal could be set to either feed on the left or right side of the receiver. I got psyched out when we went to load our weapons at the gate. For some reason, I thought my weapon was set to right-handed feed.  I don’t know why I thought that. Maybe it was because Socks was fooling around with his weapon right before we SP’d. He had some problems when he assembled it.

I didn’t want to say anything because I thought it was too late. I was worried about it at the time. I thought, what would my chief say? We were all ready to leave. I didn’t want to hold up the movement on my part. It was too late for this. I should’ve checked something like this before. I had plenty of time. I didn’t want to give him something else to worry about. He already had enough on his plate. I just went with it. Forget it, I’m going out like this. I just hopped that nothing would happen. This would be the day. It’s Murphy’s Law.

Well, I found out later, when we got to our destination, that there was nothing wrong with the setting on the bolt. I took a good look at it and it was set for left-sided feed, which was right. Whew! That’s good. Nothing wrong. There was nothing to worry about. You’re getting too excited Pete.


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