Monday, December 19, 2005

The following story has been changed a little bit to protect the identities and lives of those involved.

It’s been a long day, very long. We had a mission early in the morning so I had to get up at like 0300 hours and get ready. It’s a shame I didn’t get to bed early like I planned. I have a problem with going to bed early. Anyways, we woke up, got dressed and got ready to begin the duty day. Everything was running smoothly. The mission went well, better than planned. No problems. No incidents. No news is good news. Got back to camp and I was hoping to hit the sack to catch a few ZZZ’s before the next mission. I had it all planed out. I’d sleep until lunchtime and then wake up and get ready for the next mission, whenever that was. Well, it didn’t work out as planned. When does it ever? There I was, lying in my bed when I heard that infamous knock on the door. I think I’m going to start hiding somewhere else. “Hey. We’ve got another mission. Get your stuff on and get ready.” Ahhh! When am I going to get some sleep??? This is beginning to feel like Lewis.I’m glad to get the few hours of rest I did. I feel like a fireman getting call. It happens every time too. I guess I should start getting used to it. The afternoon mess was a mess but I can’t go into details about what happened for security reasons. Nothing bad, well, except for the fact that we missed afternoon chow. That’s the worse. There’s nothing worse that could happen than to miss afternoon chow. At least we had MRE’s. Yuck! And me, going unprepared like always, forgot to bring some pogey-bait and chow. What kind of soldier am I? So I had to starve and I had nothing to give to the kids. Poor kids probably thought I was beginning to become an asshole. I’ll get them something later. They’re always coming out of their houses and fields to see us. I guess we’re like ice crème men to them. Except we give our goodies for free. I do have to stop tossing out the sugar though and give them more healthy food like fruits. I’m pretty sure they’re eating all organic food telling from all the farmland out here. They pick everything by hand. Most of the time I see the women working in the field while the men are just standing around. It’s almost a reverse of what we see in America.

There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to talk about but I can’t for security reasons. I have to keep everything generalized and I can’t get into detail about some of the stuff. I’d like to mention what we’re going to do tomorrow but that would just compromise our mission. I’ll just blog about that tomorrow, if I can.

Oh, and one last thing like always. I’d like to thank Alyssa Milano for supporting the troops.I can’t say how much I love her. I grew up watching her on Who’s The Boss in the 80’s and I’ve had a crush on her ever since. She is an absolute babe. Well, I found some pics on the Internet on a USO tour she did here in Iraq. This is just another reason why I love her so much. Alyssa Milano, if you’re listening, please come back to Iraq to see the troops. I would love to see you!

Oh and here’s another last thing. Go to and type in French Military Victories then hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button. See what happens. Actually, this is what you’ll get.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice pictures! (of some cleavage)
yeah, i bet you want her to come back......jk ..anjelic

12/20/2005 11:24 AM  
Blogger Desultory Girl said...

You mean...I'd like to see them ;)

12/21/2005 9:38 PM  
Blogger SGT. Pete Puebla said...

That's right!

12/22/2005 8:59 AM  

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