Thursday, December 15, 2005

Election Day

I’m very happy for the people of Iraq. Today they elected a new government. Unfortunately I didn’t leave the camp today. I would’ve liked to seen the polling stations. Today is a very special day for the people of Iraq and I hope that they are proud and ready to move forward in the rebuilding of their country.I don’t have much else to blog about today. I spent my day recovering from the past couple of days of doing missions. I was up until 0400 hours this morning so I slept most of the day. So, for some reason, I feel like I’ve almost skipped a day. Tomorrow will be another recovery day but I have things to do like clean my weapons and organize my equipment. I have to start inspecting and preparing my gear for these missions. I also have to get some equipment that’s needed before I go out again.I might decorate my room a little more tomorrow too. It needs a little touch up to make it feel a little more personal. I want it to feel like a little home. Somewhere I feel relaxed after missions.


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