Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let me talk about the food

If the Army is trying to keep soldiers in the service this is the best way to do it. This has got to be the best Army chow, and food in general that I have ever, ever eaten in my entire existence. Who would of thought that going to Iraq, I’d find myself in heaven. The dining facility here is off the hook!!! The Army has finally done something right. They have everything, even during midnight chow. At my first dinner, which was midnight chow, I had steak, shrimp, a baked potato, milk, a dinner roll, corn on the cob, some salad, and a Coke. THIS WAS MIDNIGHT CHOW!

I regret that I’ve missed breakfast twice already. What a shame. The fruit and salad bar are awesome. For some reason, the fruit taste really good here. I don’t know where they’re getting this food from but it’s really, really good. I heard that the food in Kuwait wasn’t that good compared to the food here in Iraq and let me tell you, the food in Kuwait wasn’t that bad either. I’m craving some grapes just talking about this stuff.

Here's a picture of a heard of camels out somewhere in the Kuwait desert. As you could see there's nothing really to see out there but camels.


Blogger katiescarlet said...

I am glad you are posting again. I have been checking often to see how you were. God bless and take care.

12/08/2005 1:37 PM  

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