Thursday, November 10, 2005

Trying To Find Entertainment

Well, I’m going to make this short because it’s almost lights out. I meant to post a blog here earlier but I was just messing around, wasting my time. I hate wasting my time. I’m still partially motivated to go to the gym and work out. I should’ve gone today because it was a short day and the training ended at 1500 hours. I enjoyed the time that we had off but I should’ve made better use of it.

I’m too lazy to go to the gym or read some stuff I should be reading. Usually on my free time I’m browsing the Internet, checking out news, especially world news on Iraq. Sometimes I’ll check out the local news back home. I also like to look at the weather and see what the weather is like in Iraq and back home in Phoenix. I’m coming to find out that it’s hotter in Phoenix this time of year then it is in Iraq. There’s nothing new here, it’s always cold and wet every day.

I need to get some more DVDs. I’m getting tired of watching the ones I have. I was thinking of subscribing to Blockbuster Online so I could rent movies over the Internet and receive them in the mail. I’ll have to find out if they’ll ship the movies to me overseas. A lot of the guys just buy their own movies. There really isn’t any place for us to rent DVDs around here so it’s pretty hard to find some good entertainment. I’m glad we have cable television in the dayroom. I’ll have to build up my collection of DVDs as well. I hate asking to borrow movies. Some guys just give me that look and I could tell by their facial expression that it’s just a nuisance for them to lend out their movies.

Well, I hope we’re home in time for Christmas next year. I think I’m going to miss two Thanksgiving holidays with the family, one this year and one the next. It sucks because I love being with family. I think that having a family is the greatest thing in the world.  These guys here are also like my family. They’re more like brothers then anything else. So I kind of feel at home here too. We all support each other, well the better half.


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