Saturday, October 29, 2005

3 Man Teams

Well, we’re almost out of here, Yakima that is. Our platoon finished up our training yesterday and went to the bar do celebrate. I wish my digital camera wouldn’t broke or I would’ve had some photos to post online here. I have another one at home that I’ll have to get. Most of us are ready to go, including myself. I like the weather here but there isn’t much to do on post and we are not allowed to get off post.

We’re not allowed to go anywhere unless we go as a three-man team. It really sucks because I wanted to go to the recreation center tonight and I couldn’t find anyone else that wanted to go. I’ve been stuck in the barracks almost all afternoon and evening. It really sucks. If we want to go to the gym, shopette, or bar we’re not allow to go unless we have team to go in. I think it’s going a little crazy myself. I hope it doesn’t get this bad when we go back to Ft. Lewis. I would just love it if they start making us go everywhere in teams, I’m being sarcastic. That’s what’s stupid about the Army; sometimes the orders are absurd and ridiculous.

Some of the Joes have gotten ready to leave today. We finished turning all of our equipment back in and tomorrow we just have to pack up and clean the barracks for an inspection.

I got slammed last night. We were told we were only allowed to have four drinks. I ended up having about five. I had a good time with the other Joes at the bar. The bartenders were really hot and wore skimpy bathing suits to keep us Joes entertained. I ended up buying only one drink last night, all my other drinks were paid for by other Sergeants. I heard that Tydings got sick last night and threw up! I couldn’t believe that. I didn’t think he had that much to drink. He says he has a low tolerance for alcohol. As for myself, I was a little fucked up but I didn’t get sick at all. I didn’t want to drink anything hard because I didn’t want the other guys to carry me back to the barracks. If left with the chance and if I had my way they would’ve carried me back.

We got mail again today. I didn’t get anything, unfortunately. Well, one of the guys got a Halloween costume, Spiderman. It was funny because he put it on and was running around in the barracks with a can of string spraying everyone. I wish I had my digital camera to take some photos of that. It was funny because he was drunk too! We were all laughing at him while he ran up and down the aisle yelling, “I’m Peter Parker! No one take pictures of me!”

The other bay had pumpkins that they cut out and put everywhere. Some guys have got candy that they’re passing out to everyone. It’s kind of cute with the pumpkins everywhere. The guys from 2nd platoon put one outside the door of their barracks and they have a few more inside. One pumpkin has a candy sticking out of its mouth. I’m glad that some of the guys keep the sprit of Halloween alive and make it a fun thing. I should’ve gotten more involved. There’s always next year.


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