Sunday, October 16, 2005

SPC Tydings wife sent us all goodies the other day. A big THANK YOU goes out to her. I'm glad he's in our squad. He says that it's nothing because we'll be getting more goodies from his family and coworkers once we get overseas. I have to stay away from some of the stuff because I certainly don't need it. I'm hoping that everyone else digs into all the goodies. Tydings is the same way. He sure does appreciate all the food but he's trying to watch what he eats. He always shares his goodies with everyone.

I'm getting sick of the food here already. I guess I got use to the food back at Ft. Lewis. I think it was better over there anyways. It was healthier, higher quality food. I heard that the food in Iraq is better than the food at Lewis. I can't wait in that case. They do feed us good at Lewis though. More fruits, salads, and whole grains and less fried, fat foods.

We're going thru the gunnery phase of mount right now. I like it better because I'm off my feet a lot more. Walking around with that vest and all the gear was starting to do a number on my back.


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