Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rock Throwing

We went thru some more Force Protection training today. It’s some pretty good training but I was telling a buddy of mine it’d be more realistic if we were doing it in Baghdad. I was trying to be funny about it but I also know that a lot of my brothers have lost their lives over there.

This is a typical ant pile here at Ft. Lewis. Look at the size of that thing!!!

I did enjoy the training a little bit. I was hoping it would involve more interaction with my squad. We had this one situation on react to enemy contact and my squad, from my bunker, didn’t receive any action whatsoever. It totally sucked because I was waiting for some action while hearing the other squads firing off their ammunition. So it wasn’t too fun. I wanted to get into the action and help them out but I also knew that I was doing my job by maintaining security. Sometimes I feel like I have to help but I have to remember that other people are responsible for doing jobs and we have to stick to what we are told to do.

After we finished training, while waiting for the busses to take us back to the barracks, two of the guys started to get into a game that involved rocks. It reminded me of that movie ‘Braveheart’ when Mel Gibson was having a rock throwing contest but the guys were throwing rocks at, well I just won’t say here. It was very funny and the thing was if a guy moved the other guy throwing a rock would get another throw. They were building a crowd and it was some good free entertainment. One of the Sergeants has a saying that is so true, “Never leave a Joe with too much time on his hands.” It’s a good saying and it’s very true. I found myself saying it when the guys are starting to do some stupid shit, and was one of those times.


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