Friday, September 30, 2005

Boy it would’ve been nice if my pass started today, payday. Not only that but it's also the weekend. The nightlife in Seattle would've been better. I was talking to one of the other soldiers and he told me I should’ve gone to Tacoma. He told me to check out Pacific Avenue. I think we should’ve checked Tacoma out. We went all over Seattle and there was basically nothing for us to see on the third day, especially with no money. We just found the cheapest bar that we could find and started drinking. In fact, the cheapest bar that we found, Pioneer Square Saloon, was my favorite.

We did check out some other places before like Cowgirls Inc. The place reminded me of that movie Coyote Ugly where are the girl bartenders danced on the bar and danced to the music. I did feel like getting on the mechanical bull a couple of times. I wanted to see how long I would last.

Today we had our culture brief. It was pretty good and informative. I think it’s really important because we’re trying to win a war. We don’t want to offend the Iraq people or we could be fighting this war forever. In my mind we have to win the hearts and minds of the people. I’ll be there to help them and kill insurgents. To anyone that wants to start a firefight I say, “Bring it On”. My fellow soldiers and me are ready for a fight. I’m sure there are plenty of us that are just waiting for a reason to unload all the ammunition. We weren’t trained for nothing. We’re getting ready and this Company is full of guys that are motivated and ready to do the job. I’m really glad to be part of this bunch.

Do I think I’m earning the respect of my fellow soldiers? I think so. Well, I hope so. I’m glad the guys listen to me when I tell them to do something. I haven’t had any problems and they are really making my life really easy. They do everything I tell the to do. I don’t have them do anything I wouldn’t want to do myself. I know my position and what I can and can’t order them to do. I think it works great when we all work together as a team to get the mission accomplished. It makes it easier for everyone. There is a little animosity that goes around and that’s because of perceived perceptions of others. I know no one is perfect but I like to see guys give 100%. Sometimes, I myself need some motivation to find the will that drives me to achieve 100%. I’m not always focused but when I’m on a roll it gets hard to stop this train.

Yesterday a fellow solider told me about an Arizona Guardsmen that got killed in action in Iraq. I knew who the guy was, SGT Howard P. Allen. He used to be in this unit that I’m in now. The reason it hits hard is because I knew him for one and because he used to be in this unit. My prayers go out to his wife and family. He will be missed by all and by a guy that hardly knew him. Sgt Allen and all the other soldiers that serve this GREAT NATION are heroes in my book. The Pope for humanity to me is what Soldiers are to this nation, the best men and women it has to offer. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS THE TROOPS.


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