Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another easy day, I’m glad. I got worn out after the long day yesterday. I was glad to get a little rest. Granted, the PT this morning was good. I was the PT instructor this morning. I decided to conduct circuit drills. Problem is I didn’t set up the events for each station. I asked my Platoon Sergeant, Bowers, if he would do it for me. He a pretty good guy and I like having him as my Platoon Sergeant. I should have laid out each event to even out between push-ups, sit-up, and cardio workouts. It was my fault, but it was a lesson learned.

The theme of the week is operation security. The commander came up with the theme after some operation security concerns. I won’t mention it here but I didn’t think it was problem. So we reviewed some information on operational security in my squad. Most of the guys were looking at me when we went over the material. Reason being was because I have a blog. Some of the other guys wanted to set up their website as well, but they’re not too sure how to go about it.

Operational security was just another reminder that I have to watch what I post on this website. It was mentioned that most of the intelligence doesn’t come from classified information but from information that is obtained from the public. I kind of figured that. There is lots of information out on the Internet for anyone that wants to look for it and that information could jeopardize our mission. So, I have to make sure I watch what I post on my blog site. I’ll have to keep things general and I’ll post more on me and my buddies than on my equipment and unit.

We’re starting to pack. I don’t know why, we still have some time here. We started labeling our Job Boxes too. Those things are cool. They’re really big, mobile, boxes that we use to put our personal belongings into. Some of the guys put their labeled their stuff with no concern for neatness. Me on the other hand, being a perfectionist, had to make my box look good.


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