Monday, September 19, 2005

Well, I’m not going to keep this too long. It’s past lights out and I have to get to bed. I’m a little tired from combatives today. We were doing combatives all day and I don’t know how I did it. I don’t know where I got the energy. I think it might have been the breakfast that I had this morning, I don’t know. But for some reason, I had this drive in me to keep going, like I was on speed or something. Maybe it was because I was having fun. Maybe it was because I liked what I was doing. I couldn’t believe that work could be some much fun and these instructors get paid to do this on a daily basis. It must be nice. I think part of the reason they made it fun is because they motivated us and we ourselves were motivated. We all felt part of a team. I wish we could do combatives more often.

It’s not like I didn’t get hurt, because I did get punched and my jaw and teeth were knocked around a bit. I’m really going to feel it in the morning when I wake up. We did some strikes, kicks, grabs, throws and everything else. They really didn’t want to get into technique because they only have one day with us. They basically taught us how to kill someone if it got down to it. It was very dangerous stuff and I had to watch and make sure that I didn’t hurt my partner. He had to do the same with me. Using minimal force, we were able to get some good, realistic training out of it. I’m sure if it were the real thing, the opponent would not be as lucky.

The techniques were simple and easy to learn. It wasn’t Martial Arts but a combination of it, wrestling, and boxing. It was pretty much ingrained into my forehead so I don’t think that I’ll be forgetting it anytime soon. I’ll only forget it after not using it for a while.


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