Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another day off. I don’t mind at all. I’m glad. We don’t get weekends off so any day that I could enjoy I try and take advantage of. Well, I shouldn’t say it’s a day off, it just that my platoon is not going through the training at the range today. I’m kind of relieved about that. I need a day off from carrying that SAW. I hope I don’t have to carry it all around Baghdad.

We did some PT this morning. I hate doing PT in the mornings when it’s cold. I’d rather do it in the afternoon but that’s not how the ARMY works. The ARMY likes to do PT, breakfast, and personal hygiene before the sun comes up. It’s real weird because if feels like I’ve already done a ton of things and the day hasn’t even started. In a way I don’t mind but I’m hate getting up at 0430 hours each morning.

I’m glad that the post has this Internet café to get online from. I don’t know how I’d go without it. I guess I wouldn’t be able to communicate. I barely found out that we have a TV in the dayroom. It’s a small TV and I don’t know if we have cable. I’m going to go one of these days to check it out but I doubt that I’ll have time to go in there. Every time I try I bet I’ll run into something else I have to do. I’d like to see the news and see what’s happening in the outside world.


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