Tuesday, September 06, 2005

These are the nice barracks. I wish we could stay in these.

The Internet café doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked for the past two days. And I thought this part of the country was supposed to be the Internet café of the country. What’s up with that? Starbucks was founded in Seattle. Come on! I went to the Internet café yesterday and found no one else there using the Internet. I guess there was a problem with their router. The day before the Internet traffic was moving at a snails pace. I couldn’t even log on.

Well today we didn’t do too much. Some CTT (Common Task Training) and MOUNT (Urban Ops) training in the morning and then this afternoon I had guard duty. I guess we’re posting a guard at the arms room now. I kind of hate guard duty but today it wasn’t that bad. I had to do it for 4 hours from 1300 to 1700. Tydings and me took our laptops to keep us occupied. He watched some movies and I was working on the PT schedule. I also read a little bit of the PT manual.

Here's our frige. We keep it full of beer and water.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to go to the gas chamber. We’ll see how that goes. This morning we were practiced putting on our masks and getting them fit for tomorrow. I’d like to see how it goes in the gas chamber. I hate that stuff but it’s funny checking everyone else out when the come out with snot in their nose and tears in their eyes.


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