Saturday, August 27, 2005

Today I did some drivers training. Mainly on the 2 1/2 ton cargo truck. It wasn't too bad, I'm just not that used to driving a big truck like that. It's pretty unlikely that I'll be driving one anyway but it's a good think that I know how to just in case. The automatic one was pretty easy to drive. I just had to get used to turning the steering wheel and the brake had to be pushed in with a little force to get the truck to break. The standard transmission on the other had was a different story. I'm used to driving with an automatic transmission. It wasn't bad, in fact I did pretty good. Until we got the truck back to the motorpool. Right as I was parking the truck I made a turn that was too wide. I would have to back the truck up and then turn it back in. Backing the truck up was no problem, it was going forward after that. As soon as I took the truck out of reverse, pushed in the clutch, released the break the truck would begin to shake and that die out. Not only that, it rolled back when I released the break because I was on an incline. I tried it over and over again to get the truck to go forward but I was worried that I was going to hit the truck parked in the rear. So finally I gave up and my instructor got in there and put it into it's parking spot. He made it seem a little easy. I guess it just takes some practice.

Tomorrow we will be on lock down at a hotel in Mesa. We won't be able to leave after 1300 hours. We'll be spending the night there. It kinda sucks because I'd rather go home, although I don't mind spending a night at a hotel that much. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.


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