Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I called my buddy Denny today. I had to find out if we were getting issued Camelbaks. I don't want to take mine if I'm going a new one. I started packing some of my stuff, getting everything situated. Now I kind of have an idea what I have and what I'm missing. In fact, I missing a few things that are on the packing list. They've asked for 2 sets of PT uniforms when we were only issued one. Who made this list up?

I called my section chief, SSG Clink to find out what we were going to be doing on Friday. He really didn't know. Figures. I didn't think he knew anyways. He hardly knows what's going on. I also asked him when we were leaving. Denny told me earlier that we're leaving on Sunday. He told me the same thing. Why didn't he pass this information down? I wonder how long he's known. Way to communicate this down to your troops. Don't blame me when I miss a trip or formation, I'll blame it on being uninformed.


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