Saturday, September 03, 2005

The guys want to watch Napoleon Dynamite. In fact, we actually have a guy in the company that looks like Napoleon Dynamite. It’s kind of funny. We just got finished eating dinner. I never eat this good at home. Three square meals a day. It’s pretty nice. I thought about that when I came out of the mess hall. Damn, I kind of miss this shit. Not the long days or getting up at 0400 hours and going to bed at 2300 hours but the other stuff. Things like the chow, the comrade, and the sort of lifestyle. I’ve thought of it many times today. I think I’m Army material. I certainly don’t mind doing this shit. When I was younger I use to wonder. I was searching myself. I wasn’t sure what was going to become. Heck, I might end up staying in here. I might change my mind after coming back from Iraq. I’m looking forward to it though. From the stories I’ve heard, it doesn’t sound that bad. I’ll just miss a few things like television and the movie theater.

I’ve noticed that a lot of guys around here like to play strategy games on their computers. Some of the guys have IPODs, others have PSPs, and camcorders. In fact this one Private I know, Penney, has a freaking small ass head cam. This thing is sweet. He paid something like $600 bucks for it. He’s single so he has all that money to himself anyways. He says he’s going to go to the PX later today to get a computer.

We went to the range today to qualify. The targets were pop-up targets. I haven’t shot on a pop-up target range in a long time. I was a first time No-Go and I was certainly surprised. Although I don’t have a gun and I hardly ever shoot on my lieaser time I almost always qualify as a Sharpshooter. They gave me a print out of my results and I know right then why I didn’t pass. The 150-meter target didn’t work and I could see it on paper. It never registered a hit on that target. So I had to re-qualify and guess what I got? Sharpshooter of course. I shot 32 out of 40 targets.

We got back to the barracks, cleaned our weapons, and did some afternoon PT. I did plan on going to the gym but now that we did PT I’m having a change of plans. I’m going to go to the Internet café to send and receive my e-mail, take a shower, and read the Army Physical Fitness Manual for a little while. I might take a little nap between now and then. It’s 6:18pm right now and outside it looks like its 5pm. I think the sun goes down later here in Washington than it does in Arizona.


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