Sunday, August 28, 2005

Today I was indocrinated into the NCO Corps. We had a little ceremony with Sergeant Major Bowers and the 1st Sergeant. We recited the NCO Creed and sang the Army Song. Ate our lunch, it was wraps. Nothing really to brag about but it was because steaks were going to be served for dinner. We had our GI party. That's where we cleaned the Armory and outside areas.
I took this photo below. I thought it was funny! This guys car got wrapped up because we were all told to move our cars to the rear parking lot to make parking room the families in the front. Well, since he forgot to move his car it got wrapped.
Here's where we checked into our motel. We were put into lockdown so we had to spend the night here. It's the Marriott in Mesa.

Here's the flag and the support banner that they put up for us in the hotel. The US Flag is displayed backwards as you can see. The hotel is really nice. I'm glad that the unit went out and got us the rooms here. It beats spending the night in the hot ass armory. Plus the family is invited to spend the night at the hotel with me. Sweet!


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