Tuesday, August 30, 2005

SRP, Solider Readiness Processing, that about sums up what we did for the day. It wasn’t bad. In fact, it went by pretty smoothly. It’s basically to check and make sure that I’m ready for deployment. Everyone has to go thru it. I had to go thru finance to make sure that my home address, dependants, and everything else was correct so I wouldn’t have any pay problems. I got a new Military ID card, they made sure that I had a will and power of attorney, and they checked my medical and dental charts to make sure that I didn’t have any dental or medical problems.

We also had to fill out some stuff on risk assessment. It had a bunch of questions like how much we drink, smoke, my driving habits, and the kinds of food I eat. It also recorded my height, weight, age, and gender. They told me that my risk assessment was average. I guess I’ll be ok.

I finished up all that stuff pretty quickly. There were some guys that were frustrated that it was taking so long. Reason being is because they were stuck in stations that had long lines. I was pretty fortunate because I looked out for stations that had little or no soldiers. We had 18 stations that we had to go through. At some of them they would just ask us a few questions and check off our check-sheet. We weren’t allowed to leave until we finish with the SRP. Once we finished we were done for the day.

This was the only thing that was planned. I kind of glad about it, I have other things I’d like to do today like go to the shoppette, get my clothes ironed for tomorrow, and entertain myself with a book or video game. I also have to call Angelica and see how she is doing with the boys.

The weather is really nice, in the 70s and 80s. I was getting chilly last night, blogging on my website, outside of the internet café. They have one on post but it closes at 1645. We moved into some World War II barracks. They’re pretty ancient. The white paint is pealing off the wall, we only have one washing machine, and the beds are all bunk. It would be cool if the Army paid for us to stay in the Marriott like the first night. That would’ve be really nice, but then I’m dreaming.

Here’s a picture of our barracks from the outside. When I get a chance I’ll take a picture of our mess hall and some other stuff on post. There isn’t much to see around here, although it is beautiful and the weather is really nice. Ft. Lewis reminds me of Prescott during the late fall.


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