Sunday, September 11, 2005

Well, today is the 4th anniversary of 9/11 and what better way to remember that then to learn how to kill terrorists. We did some close quarters combat today, CQB, but the highlight of my day was watching the Airborne Paratroopers jump from the sky. There is no better sight. It would’ve been better if the whole company were jumping instead of a squad.

We finished CQB about an hour and a half ago. It was an all day affair. Heck, right now I’m tired and ready to hit the sack. I just finished eating chow. I had some baked chicken with peas, carrots, and a glass of milk. I have to start getting into good shape. As for right now, I would say my shape is alright; it’s not the best. I did go to the gym to other night to work a little on my stomach and my love handles, which won’t go away. Since I’m the SAW gunner I’m pretty sure that my arms will be getting a little bigger from carrying that heavy weapon. It could be worse; I could be carrying a M60.

They have an awesome CQB course out here. The Army has built a mock up town with street signs and everything else needed to simulate a little town. It had a mock hospital, gas station, hotel, church, and everything else. It’s good training those of us that aren’t used to urban combat training. I’m sure that we’ll see a lot more urban combat style fighting in the future.


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